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You will find an explanation of the rating system at the bottom of the table. Read more about how we review charcoal at How We Review Lump Charcoal.


How To Read These Rankings

All results are sorted with the best results at the top of the table and the worst results lower in the table. "Not tested" is shown last. Ratings are designated with stars, 1 star being the worst and 5 stars being the best:

= Performance is Far Below Average
= Performance is Below Average
= Performance is Average
= Performance is Above Average
= Performance is Far Above Average
n/t = not tested

Note that the values you see here may differ from values that you see in the reviews of each brand of charcoal. The values in the reviews were determined at the time of the review compared to the results from all reviews done up to that point. A brand that ranked Very High (or 5 stars) in a category at the time it was reviewed may subsequently change to High (4 stars), for example, if another brand is tested and it "raises" the standard to a higher level. This table reflects the current status of each brand as it compares to all other brands, thus you may see changes in this table over time.

Note also that within each rating, the different brands are sorted by the underlying values that resulted from testing. So, even though two brands may have the same number of stars, the brand with the better ranking will appear higher in the table. The five characteristics rated on this page are:

Lighting: How many sheets of newspaper it takes to start the charcoal in a chimney starter.
Ash Volume: The volume of ash produced by burning a fixed weight of charcoal.
Fines: The weight of chips and dust found at the bottom of the bag.
Medium and Large: The combined weight of medium and large pieces found in the bag.
Burn Time: The time that a fixed weight of charcoal will burn at a specific temperature.
Maximum Temperature: The maximum temperature the charcoal burns in a ceramic cooker.

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