Other Charcoal Testing And Product Reports

We occasionally conduct other tests of or report on charcoal products which are not directly related to the reviews we perform. These are reported here.

FOGO Coconut Charcoal Briquettes
A new brand of briquettes, made from coconut shells!

Kingsford Competition Briquettes
Kingsford brings out a "natural" briquette. How did it do?

BBQ Brick Quick and Easy Charcoal
A new brand of brick grilling charcoal, quick to start and long-lasting heat!

The Original Charcoal Company Rancher Briquettes
Another brand of natural briquette makes its national debut in Home Depot stores across the nation.

Wicked Good Charcoal 100% Natural Briquettes
The good folks at Wicked Good Charcoal have taken their Weekend Warrior blend of woods and produced a remarkable briquette!

Old Kingsford vs. New Kingsford
Kingsford claims their new briquettes are faster starting and longer burning, while only burning slightly hotter? How do the new briquettes really stack up against the old? Read our comparison!

Old Kingsford vs. New Kingsford, Part 2
One more test which just confirms what we already said.

Comparison of Burn Times and Ash Production
This test compared the burn times and ash production of five representative types of charcoal.

Original Charcoal Company Instant Light Lump Charcoal
This is a single use, barbecue in a bag, instant light, petroleum-free lump charcoal from the Original Charcoal Company. See how it stacks up against Kingsford Match Light.

KingsGrill Premium Brick Charcoal
A new and unbelievably easy-to-light extruded coconut charcoal that's great for grilling.

Mr. BBQuick Disposable Mesquite Grill
A new disposable grill which uses mesquite LUMP charcoal for its fuel.

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