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Chicken and Turkey
Mad Max's Turkey and Gravy Here it is with photos and commentary. The complete Mad Max Turkey and Gravy recipe!! Half-Cocked Chicken With just a little more work, you can turn your spatchcocked chicken into a half-cocked chicken! Smoked Chicken Alfredo It's gotta be fun, it's gotta be thimple, it's gotta be tasty!
Dead Simple Spatchcock Chicken An easy way to make killer chicken! Click Here to learn more about where this word comes from and just how juicy a spatchcock chicken really is!! AZRP's "The Chicken" Recipe for AZRP's "The Chicken" and veggies. Brining Your Turkey Information about brining a turkey or other poultry!
Jamaican Jerk Chicken Sources for ingredients and supplies, and instructions on making Jamaican Jerk Chicken!

Dizzy Hilton Head Leg of Lamb We didn't have a ceramic cooker, but you can use one anyway! Macadamia Nut Crusted Rack Of Lamb Take frenched racks of lamb, coat with spices and macadamia nuts and roast on the your ceramic cooker! Stuffed Boneless Leg of Lamb A boneless leg of lamb stuffed with spinach, cheese and pine nuts.

North Carolina Style Pulled Pork, Elder Ward Style A collection of posts by a gentleman named Elder Ward. It is not necessarily dead simple, but we include it here as a service to our readers. Our Beginner's Guide To Making Pulled Pork Our first overnight butt cook went like a dream. Your's can too! Naked Whiz Pork Loin Number 1 Our version of Mr. Toad's famous pork loin.
Bar Towel Tenderloin A funky way to make a juicy, crusty, tasty pork tenderloin that will amaze your friends. Mojo Pork Mojo Pulled Pork. It's incredible, if we do say so ourselves!

Fish and Seafood
Russell's Smoked Salmon Tutorial Here is a detailed tutorial on preparing real smoked salmon on your ceramic cooker! Planked Salmon With A Twist Salmon cooked on individual oval planks! Panko Encrusted Tilapia or Salmon Tilapia or salmon filets, panko bread crumbs, milk and a rub!
Simple Pecan Smoked Salmon Salmon, salad dressing, pecan chunks. What could be simpler than this? Alder Smoked Trout With Brown Sugar Glaze And Almonds Trout, brown sugar, balsamic, almonds and a few handfuls of alder chips. Cedar-Planked Shrimp on Alder PlanksWe like alder better than cedar. Nice smoked shrimp!
Simple Grilled Octopus How to grill octopus, either to eat alone, or in a seafood dish.

Father's Day Ham And Egg Fry Up With Baked Dough Balls The Big Green Egg isn't just for lunch and dinner any more!

Strawberry Salsa A nice fruity salsa to have over fish. Mango and Pear Salsa Another fruity salsa to serve with fish.

Pizza Not a recipe, but actually random bits of information collected from the Big Green Egg forum on making pizza in a ceramic charcoal cooker.

Pan Fried Vegetables Potatoes, onions and zuchini fried in a pan! Grilled Portobello Mushroom Caps Mushrooms with tomatoes and cheese on the grill! Grilled Portobello Mushroom Caps, Number 2 Mushrooms with grilled onions and cheese on the grill!
Wokked Asparagus, Onions, Mushrooms and Pineapple A wonderful recipe for grilled/wokked veggies! Mesquite Grilled Savoy Cabbage And Romaine With Tomato Grilled cabbage and lettuce, served warm with tomatoes and a balsamic dijon caper dressing. Brined Baked Potatoes Brining makes them fluffy, Dizzy Pig makes them tasty!
Rustic Italian Cast Iron Potatoes Thinly sliced potatoes covered with Italian herbs and spices, roasted in a cast iron pan.

Cold Smoking Beef Jerky How to smoke beef jerky at very low temperatures. Flank Steak Fajitas A tasty beef dish that will WOW the crowds when you cook the meat DIRECTLY on the coals! Mad Max Prime Rib Here's how Mad Max does a Prime Rib roast.
Brisket Here are some hints and tips on cooking brisket in a ceramic cooker. Dead Simple London Broil Get a big honkin' piece of meat on sale and look what you can do! Also a good recipe for bottom round roast! TRex's New York Strip Steak Method Here is a detailed procedure from TRex for making great New York Strips!
The XErt Top Sirloin Steak Method And here is the mirror image of Trex's method for use with top sirloin! The Scooby Birthday Bison Burger You can use beef or bison, but your doggy will love you!

Miscellaneous Dishes
Cold Smoked Cheese How to cold smoke cheese on your ceramic cooker. You won't believe how easy and good it is! Paella on Ceramic Cookers!! Ceramic cookers were made for cooking paella! Here's our guide to cooking paella! Sangria!! What's Paealla or any other Spanish dish without Sangria? Here's two versions!
Tapas!! Start your guests off with a mushroom, ham and chorizo tapas while you make the paella!! Gazpacho!! Open your paella meal with a refreshing bowl of cool gazpacho, often called "Spain's Liquid Salad"! Apple Flan with Carmelized Sugar!! Got room for dessert after all that paella? Try this stunning Apple Flan!!
Rustic Savory Galette N 3 Here's a dish that shows off your ceramic charcoal cooker's wood-fired oven abilities! Tomatoes, basil, corn, goat cheese! Jamaican Hot Dog Cuban Sandwich Our fusion of a few different things that makes up our take on this tasty sandwich! Maple Planked Baked Brie Senor Beli's tasty baked brie on a maple plank, just full of flavors!
Rustic Savory Galette N 17 Here's a dish that demonstrates how versatile galettes can be! This time it's mushrooms, onions, smoked trout, pancetta and goat cheese!

Barbecue Sauces and Rubs
Old South Barbecue Sauce A wonderful tomato based sauce with flavor, character, texture and kick. Thanks, Vi! "Oh, Baby That's A What I Like" Rub No. 1 Our first rub! Aaron Franklin's Regular BBQ Sauce With a corrected ingredients list!
Western North Carolina Barbecue Sauce Here's our version of the tomato-based vinegary sweet sauce for pulled pork!

Pig Candy It's sweet, it's fat, it's porky. It's Pig Candy!!! Tapas!! A mushroom, ham and chorizo tapas that goes well with paella!! Spiced Papadums An Indian favorite spiced up with Dizzy Pig!

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