The CyberQ Wifi
Temperature Controller

Connecting To The CyberQ Wifi In Ad Hoc Mode

Ok, it's time to get down to the real meat and potatoes: connecting to the CyberQ Wifi via a wireless connection. First, we will show you how to do it on a Windows computer in what The BBQ Guru calls "Ad hoc mode". This is the simple method for connecting when you are at your house or simply near the CyberQ Wifi. For example, this might come in handy if you were using the CyberQ Wifi at a competition where you couldn't connect the CyberQ Wifi to your home network. (Just be aware that anyone can see the CyberQ Wifi and could in theory connect if they wanted to "help" you out, so be sure to change the password!)

What's going on here is different than what you might expect if you are familiar with hooking devices up to your home network. You won't be hooking the CyberQ Wifi up to your home network. In ad hoc mode, the CyberQ Wifi creates its own wireless network, and you connect your PC to the CyberQ Wifi's network. Here is what it looks like on a Windows machine when you display available networks:

The CyberQ Wifi's network shows up in the list of available networks on the left, just like our neighbors' networks show up. So click on the CyberQ Wifi's network, click on connect and you will be a) disconnected from your home network and b) prompted for a password so you can connect to the CyberQ Wifi's network:

Enter the password "1234abcdef" and you will then be connected. Now, open a browser window and in the address field enter the IP address of the CyberQ Wifi, The CyberQ Wifi's Main Screen screen will pop up:

Here you can see all sorts of things! First of all, notice the links to the main screen, system setup, etc. This makes navigating the CyberQ Wifi a little easier. Next, you can see that the pit probe and the food probes are all listed in the table. In our example, the pit probe is alarming because the pit temp is more than 50 degrees below the set point. Food sensor 1 is alarming because it is registering a temperature above the 90° set point. (We have it stuck into a ventilation hole in our halogen desk lamp, actually.)

And as you would expect, since the pit temperature is way below the set point, the blower output is 100%. The blower is running all the time.

And for now, that's all you need to know if you want to control the CyberQ Wifi from any wireless PC, laptop, or Wifi-enabled smart phone that is within reach of the CyberQ Wifi's wireless network. Just be aware that when in ad hoc mode, your laptop or PC has to disconnect from your home network and you can't use it to browse the web without disconnecting from the CyberQ Wifi and connecting back to your home network.

The CyberQ Wifi Web Pages

Now that you are connected to the CyberQ Wifi via its web interface, let's examine the rest of the web pages that you can display. You saw above on the CyberQ Wifi's main web page that there are a number of links to web pages. You can click on each link to display each one. So let's take a quick look at each of them. First we have the System Setup page where you can set things like display scrolling, display brightness and contrast, degree units, and the two noise options, alarms and beeps:

Next we have the Control Setup page where you can set the cook hold temperature, timeout action, temperature range for alarming, ramp mode, open lid detect mode, and the mysterious Cycle Time and Proportional Band settings:

Next comes the wifi setup page. You don't need to worry about most of this page. The instructions that come with the CyberQ Wifi will tell you which fields you need to change.

Lastly comes the E-mail Setup page. Again, if you want to send email alerts, you will have to use this page to set it all up, which the CyberQ Wifi's instructions will help you with.

It should be noted that all of these setup values can also be set via the CyberQ Wifi's display and buttons, except for the E-mail Setup information. Of course, it is a lot easier to set all this up using the web interface, but it can be done without it.

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