Spin's Pizza

Spin is one of the very knowledgeable persons to post to the Big Green Egg forum. In fact, Spin inspired the name "Naked Whiz" although he doesn't know it!
"Basic NY style pizza is crust, sauce, and cheese. It can be made thin or thick crust. This pizza makes an excellent base for many topping combinations. I am only telling how I make it. Many other cooking techniques can be used with equal results. I make 4 9" pies as I can make pies the way my guests want (and they can help - great fun!)."
Spin's pizza recipe consists of recipes for the dough, the sauce and then assembling it all into the final pizza:
The Sauce -- This sauce recipe will make just enough sauce for the dough recipe. If you like extra sauce on your pie you will need to increase the amounts.

The Dough -- This recipe will make enough dough for 4 9" or 2 12" pies. It is prepared using a stand mixer with a dough hook. You may have to adjust your preparation method to suit your equipment.

The Pizza -- Putting it all together.

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