New York Style Pizza
Basic NY style pizza is crust, sauce, and cheese. It can be made thin or thick crust. This pizza makes an excellent base for many topping combinations. I am only telling how I make it. Many other cooking techniques can be used with equal results. I make 4 9" pies as I can make pies the way my guests want (and they can help - great fun!).
1   Large BGE  
3   Ceramic firebricks (kiln bricks)  
1 15 inch    pizza stone  
1   Pizza peel (wood paddle used to insert and remove the pie)  
  Oak lump charcoal  
8 oz    Shredded whole milk mozzarella cheese  
4 oz    Shredded parmesan cheese  
1   Dough recipe  
1   Sauce recipe  
  Toppings of your choice  
Preparation Directions:
1 Remove old charcoal from the firebox and save for another day. You don't want to risk smoking your pizza as the taste is lacking. Oak lump adds only a hearth baked flavor to the pie. Light the coals and install the grill. Set the firebricks on their side in a "Y" pattern and set the pizza stone on top of them. The top of the stone should be slightly above the lid opening. This will allow access to insert and remove the pie with ease.
2 Close the dome and allow the stone to heat to a regulated dome temp of 550F (20-30 minutes). All toppings should be prepared before the pie is constructed.
3 Mix the two cheeses to blend.
Cooking Directions:
1 Punch down the risen dough and divide into 4 equal pieces.
2 Store the unused portions in the covered bowl.
3 On a lightly floured surface roll the dough out to make a 9-9 " circle.
4 Transfer the dough to the peel that has been dusted with cornmeal.
5 Push and stretch the dough back into shape. Pinch the outer edge to form a small crust. spread the sauce on the dough to within inch of the edge.
6 Sprinkle the mix of cheeses on the pie. Add the toppings of your choice. Don't press the toppings into the pie, just set them where you want them.
7 Give the peel a shake to make sure the pie isn't sticking to the peel. Open the EGG, set the pie on the stone by sliding it off of the peel by shaking, close the dome, and wait 8 minutes.
8 Open the dome and peek at your creation. If the toppings are done to your liking, remove. If not, close and wait 2 more minutes.
9 Remove. Slice and serve.
Special Instructions::
1 Smaller pies are easier to handle when learning the use of the peel.
2 A cold EGG and the use of a folded hand towel on the peel will give you a feel for how the pizza will work when using the peel.
3 Meat toppings that need to be completely cooked through or produce a lot of moisture/grease (bacon for example) should be precooked to a not quite done state before being placed on the pie.
Servings: 1
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