Our Personal Starbucks Journey

Our fair city recently acquired a new Starbucks Coffee shop. Having heard all the news and excitement, including an April Fool's Day spot on National Public Radio, we eagerly awaited our opportunity to sample this highly touted coffee. Having done so, we just want to know why has everyone gone gaga over this company and their product? Actually, we know the answer: Marketing. It has nothing to do with their product. It has everything to do with marketing. Nothing else can explain how such an arrogant company can sell such a limited product line of such limited appeal and generate such success. Which leads us to the following drop by drop account of our experiences with Starbucks:

In The The Beginning There Was Starbucks How we came to know and love Starbucks and why we still know and love them!

And Then There Was Laurel and Hardy Meet those two lovable characters behind the counter who wouldn't know a bad choice if it came up and bit them on the bottom!

There Was Hunger In The Land Discover how the gits at the corporate offices decide to do away with one of their finest products.

You Think About That Dammit!! Learn how to take orders at Starbucks. Yes sir!

Fanny Bush Comes To America and Tries Starbucks!! Readers of our Devil's Dictionary of Cricket are no doubt familiar with Miss Frances Bush of Tunbridge Wells who provides us with so much of herself. Well, she is currently on her USA "Fanny's Big Ones" Tour with her great nephew and here is her impression of Starbucks!!

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