The Starbucks Free Speech Campaign
Letters From Our Readers

Unfortunately, it appears that many Starbucks drinkers are as rude and silly as the Starbucks clerks. We have the email to prove it. Oh well, sticks and stones, and all that.

Here is a note which is typical of the Starbucks censorship crowd. It contains the typical poor spelling, poor grammar and poor thinking that infects this group of people who would prevent us from expressing our opinions.

"Why do you hate starbucks so much? Just a thought, but what do you think you might prove by promoting the hatred for Starbucks? I personally don' find anything wrong with the exterior view of the company, however, if you know something that I (and probably the rest of starbucks' customers) you should let us know. But, if you have no valid reason to hate the coffee company and are simply chosing to take the alternative route to liking them to be an individual, then perhaps you should keep it to yourself!! sexeebabe@??.??? " (Domain name omitted to protect the innocent, but we simply couldn't restrain ourselves from letting you know what this guy uses for an email ID.)
We don't "hate" Starbucks. We don't use the word "hate" even once to refer to Starbucks. We "dislike" Starbucks. We aren't promoting "hatred". We are promoting free speech and the right to have negative opinions of Starbucks Coffee on the Internet. What do we have to do to get this message across? The site is named the Starbucks Free Speech Campaign. We have little pictures and slogans all saying that we are standing up for the right to have negative opinions of Starbucks. We even went to the trouble of implementing the unique CoffeeGuard® System to protect people like this from viewing negative opinions of Starbucks. But, no. They enter the site anyway, they complain about what they read, and they try to censor us. Such a tragedy when cousins marry....

The writer mentions the concept of "valid reason to hate the coffee company." Of course, we don't "hate" them, we just "dislike" them. But evidently, the writer thinks that he gets to judge whether or not our reasons for disliking Starbucks are valid. And that's why we have to campaign for the right to have negative opinions of Starbucks on the Internet: To prevent people like this from censoring our opinions if our opinions don't meet their standards of validity.

One silly person wrote to tell us that Starbucks drinkers laugh at those of us who drink Gevalia. Hmmm, Gevalia offers a complete line of coffees, unlike Starbucks. We wonder which Gevalia drinkers do they laugh at? Surely, they don't laugh at the folks who drink Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee simply because they purchased it from Gevalia? Or could it be that the person who wrote to tell us this simply doesn't know what he is talking about when he criticizes Gevalia?

A moron wrote to tell us that since we don't like Starbucks, we probably buy our coffee in the grocery store. Shudder! Such hurtful accusations! They then went on to acuse us of reading The Star and National Enquirer while we wait in line. To tell the truth, we don't buy coffee in the grocery store. As we thought we had explained, we buy our coffee from Gevalia who offers a complete line of coffees, unlike Starbucks who only sells bitter burnt-tasting dark-roast coffee. And actually, we buy our copies of The Star and National Enquirer and read them at home while we enjoy a nice flavorful cup of our favorite coffee. We would never stoop so low as to read them in the checkout lanes!

And then there was the rather dim snob who claimed we had no taste, that it takes time to develop a taste for fine coffee, much like fine wine. Apparently, he equates dark-roasted bitter burnt-tasting coffee with fine wine. However, he doesn't appear to understand that there are more types of fine wine than he evidently has sampled. Obviously, he didn't understand the main thrust of our complaint was that Starbucks only carries dark-roasted bitter burnt-tasting coffee, unlike Gevalia which offers a complete line of fine coffees. We are willing to allow Starbucks lovers to love their Starbucks. We just think it is arrogant and limiting to offer only the dark-roasted bitter burnt-tasting coffees that Starbucks sells and not to offer a complete line of coffees. What is truly amazing to us is that if Starbucks carried just one reasonable medium-roast coffee, we would have been willing to drop the mail-order routine with Gevalia and started spending our money at Starbucks. Surely there are hundreds of thousands of other coffee drinkers around the United States who would start buying Starbucks coffee if they offered something in addition to the dark-roasted bitter burnt-tasting coffees that they do sell. Why does Starbucks throw away this market? Let's put it into wine terms, ok? Why does Starbucks only carry Bordeaux wines and no Burgundy wines? Why do they sell only red wines and no white wines? Why, oh, why?

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