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The Starbucks Free Speech Campaign

This is a difficult page to keep up to date since so many of its residents seem to fall victim to those who would prevent you from exercising your rights to have negative opinions of Starbucks on the Internet. But we try our best to make available to you those who have negative opinions. (If you doubt the existance of the conspiracy, just note how the negative links disappear while the a**kissing sites remain!)

I Hate Starbucks

Wonderful site. Probably even better than ours!

Sweets on Steroids

Jeez, we don't know what we dislike most, Starbucks "coffee" or "health advocacy" groups like this one who use inflammatory phrases like "yardstick of death", "coronary time bomb", "heart attack on a plate", and complain that restaurant portions are bigger than the official serving sizes listed on food labels. Duh. When's the last time that you saw a serving size on a food label which had any resemblance to what people eat in a single serving? Sorta' like gas mileage numbers, ya' know. And this group takes delight in noting the similarities in two articles published critical of it in two different papers, suggesting some sort of collusion. Another, "like duh". We don't suppose it is possible for two different people to come to similar conclusions about this organization, is it? Their report on Olestra "victims" in Ohio is entitled "Olestra Pringles Sends Ohioans to Emergency Rooms", is subtitled "Report on 187 Victimes" and then reveals in the text that only "several" people actually went to emergency rooms for "Olestra poisoning." (You might enjoy this report about "anal oil leakage" and "underwear spotting". We do not think that "anal oil leakage" and "underwear spotting" are relevant to Starbucks "coffee", but we thought we'd better let you be the judge of that.) Oh well, they stick it to Starbucks, so we'll go with them for now....

The Great Starbucks Alien Invasion

Of course, we would be remiss if we left this out. But don't tell anyone. Linking to yourself is illegal in the southern state in which we reside. Doing anything to yourself is illegal here...

The Official Unofficial Starbucks Site

Here is a page put up by a real fan. He doesn't own stock. He doesn't work for them. He just wants you to run to Starbucks and thank him later. Read the Starbucks Story. It doesn't mention Guatemala, but we guess if we were Starbucks, we wouldn't mention it either! They do mention that their roast is on the "dark end of the spectrum", which is their euphemism for "burn the crap out of the poor little coffee beans."

The "buy Starbucks coffee here" link is dead. Thank goodness. But you can find the current stock quote. Looks like July 96 was a good time! And as if Starbucks fans didn't cuddle up enough, visit the Starbucks Chat Cafe, where you can chat with other like-minded folk. And if you still can't get enough Starbucks, this page has a link to a job search page! Ooh, I wanna work there for Christmas! Finish it off with a little Starbucks artwork and movie clips, and you've got the complete package! So, if you are a true Starbucks fan, and you feel threatened by the Great Starbucks Coffee Mystery, quick, fast as you can, run, don't walk, to the The Official Unofficial Starbucks Site where you will feel warm and safe....

Incidentally, we wonder why Starbucks hasn't shut this site down for using their copyrighted material without permission! Perhaps that is something we could add to our Nice We Have To Say About Starbucks page!

Canadian Auto Workers Homepage

What the... What in the world do Canadian Autoworkers have in common with Starbucks? A labor union, that's what. Hmmm, perhaps it makes sense. Automobile. Engine. Crankcase. Oil. Starbucks coffee. Ok, now we get the connection. However, we do have to admit that after reading the union propaganda in this site's "history" of events related to the CAW dealings with Starbucks, even we are beginning to feel a little sorry for Starbucks. I mean, the CAW gloats in their "history" of their labor action against Starbucks that they prevented the drivers from delivering bakery goods to 76 Starbucks stores. Now what good is that going to do? Why stop Starbucks from selling the only nice thing they have to offer their customers?

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