A D.I.Y. Raised Grid
For Your Kamado Style Cooker

With a few stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers, you can make a very handy raised grid. We use ours for making spatchcocked chicken which we cook direct, but on a raised grid. Here are some photos:

For a large Big Green Egg, you can use 5 inch x 1/4 inch bolts with matching nuts, and 1 and 1/4 inch washers. This will raise the grid just above the opening of the cooker. (For other sized cookers, you can measure the distance from the fire ring to the opening and use appropriate length bolts.) You can used galvanized hardware or stainless hardware as you see fit. Some say you should stick to stainless steel because there is a chance that galvanized and zinc-coated hardware could result in zinc fumes which are poisonous. However, as you can see from this paper from Sperko Engineering Services, zinc doesn't vaporize until approximately 1,650°F, so it is highly doubtful that galvanized hardware in a ceramic charcoal cooker presents any hazard. The second photo shows a closer view of one of the legs. We used 3 legs since we all know from geometry that 3 points define a plane and thus it won't wobble.

Notice that we have bent the bolt so that it extends outward. If you don't do this the legs won't sit on the fire ring in the Egg. This was done trial and error until the legs were splayed out enough to safely sit on the fire ring.

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