Vision Grills Classic B Ceramic Charcoal Cooker

The only accessory that comes with the cooker is the cover. It is black and made from a cloth-like material. The Vision Grills web site indicates that it is made from heavy vinyl. It has a slit down one side that fastens with Velcro. We couldn't really unfurl it completely in the store, so we did the best we could:

The only other accessory listed on the Vision Grills web site is a "lava" stone which can be used as a cooking stone and a heat deflector. It can either be placed on a cooking grid or suspended over the firebox using the pictured metal bracket. Our volunteer owner showed us a photo of what happens if you get the stone to close to a hot fire. We'd obviously suggest being gentle with the stone or perhaps buying a sturdier pizza stone instead.

Cooking On The Vision Grills Classic B Cooker
We didn't have access to a cooker to do a lot of cooking so we could show you lots of lovely photos, but Mike was able to provide us with a few photos of some food cooking in his cooker:

Cooker Efficiency
In order to get a feel for the efficiency of the cooker, we let the cooker sit at 400°F for 2 hours (in this case controlled by a Stoker temperature controller) and then measured the temperature at three locations on the dome: the rim, halfway up the side, and at the base of the chimney. This gives an idea of how much heat is being kept inside the cooker versus how much is being allowed to radiate away through the cooker walls. The temperatures we measured on a large Big Green Egg, a Kamado Joe Classic, and a Kamado Joe BigJoe were all comparable: Around 180°F near the lower edge of the dome, up to 245°F at the base of the chimney. The Vision Grills cooker was about 20-30°F hotter in all locations, ranging from 208°F to 265°F. So clearly this cooker is letting more heat radiate out of the cooker through the walls and it won't be quite as efficient as any of the other cookers we have tested so far.

As you can see in the photo on the right, above, the side table which had been hanging down on the left side of the cooker warped from the heat of the cooker while it was stabilizing at 400°F for two hours. (You can see how that table had been hanging in the photo on the left, above.)

This cooker is clearly is not at the same level as Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe cookers. Witness the list of minor problems/annoyances we discovered:

But before you Vision Grills fans jump on our case, let us point out that this cooker also doesn't sell for a top of the line price. At Sam's Club, this cooker was a somewhat amazing $569.00. Think about that for a second. For $569.00 you can start enjoying the kamado experience as opposed to perhaps $900 to $1100 for some of the more famous top of the line brands, with really nothing else to buy. Our friend Mike who gave us access to his cooker is very happy with this cooker and is producing some great barbecue that sometimes shows up on the lunch menu at his shop. And to paraphrase what the owner of Kamado Joe told us, all these cookers pretty much cook the same. The difference is to be found in the price and features. We probably wouldn't choose this cooker for our own use, but we certainly wouldn't tell you not to. Look at the price, the quality, and the features. Compare it all to the big boys in the market and then make your choice.

Contact Information
Vision Grills
1531 Fairview Ave.
Suite B
St. Louis, MO 63132

Phone: 877-917-4273


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