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Here's a quick look at one of the newest products from Smokeware, the folks who brought you the Smokeware stainless steel Chimney Cap. It's a double-decker grid solution that gives you more grid space and allows you to swing the top grid out of the way for accessing the bottom grid. Although we have seen this before, unlike a previous product, the Smokeware Stacker uses your own bottom grid. You only need to purchase the Stacker and an upper grid (if you don't already have one). The result is a much less expensive option for two-level cooking with easy access to the bottom grid.

Specifications and Features

What Comes in the Box
We were sent the combination package which contains both a 16" grid as well as the Stacker.

The Stacker consists of two halves, top and bottom, which clamp on to a top and bottom grid. The female clamp goes on the bottom, while the male clamp goes on top. Cap screws hold the clamps in place on the grids.

Assembling the Stacker
Assembling the Stacker is pretty straightforward. First, the bottom part of the lower clamp goes under the grid you want to use for the bottom grid. The holes for the cap screws go between the second and third grid wires. Then place the lower clamp on top of the grid, lining up the screw holes. Insert the screws and tighten with the provided allen wrench.

Next, attach the upper clamp to the upper grid, again placing the holes for the cap screws between the second and third wires of the upper grid. Insert and tighten the cap screws. You can then insert the upper shaft into the lower receptacle and you are ready to go.

Some Up Close Photos
We just thought we'd throw in a few closeups of certain parts of the Stacker and grid:

The Stacker In Operation
Here are a few photos showing the stacker and grids in place in a large Big Green Egg with the upper grid rotated to various positions.

Adjusting the Height
You cannot adjust the distance between the upper and lower grids. Depending on where you measure, the cooking surface of the upper grid is about 5½ inches above the cooking surface of the lower grid. Assuming the lower grid is resting on the fire ring in a large Big Green Egg, this places the upper grid about 1¾" about the opening of the cooker. We have a rig that raises the main grid to 1" below the opening of the cooker. At this level, the upper grid just barely fits inside the dome when you close the dome.

Sturdiness and Stability
So, how much does the upper grid sag if you place weight opposite the post? We placed a 7 pound weight (about the weight of a pork butt) on the upper grid opposite the post. This resulted in that end of the grid sagging about ⅝".

We also placed a 7 pound weight on the upper grid to see how stable the whole assembly was when the upper grid was swung out to the side. The photo shows how far from the post we could place the weight before it tipped over. You will want to make sure you have food on the bottom grid any time that you are swinging the upper grid out with food on it.

The Stacker from Smokeware is a very affordable way to create a second raised grid in your cooker that can be swung out of the way so you can access the food on the lower grid. You can use it with grids you already own, or you can purchase the 16" grid from Smokeware for the upper grid. You will need to exercise a little common sense about placing a lot of food on the upper grid when you swing it to the side, but the versatility and price of the Stacker make a very interesting and affordable option for multilevel cooking.

You can purchase the Stacker and the 16" grid directly from Smokeware at their website (link provided below) or you can buy them directly from Amazon using the this link:

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