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The MiniMax cooker from Big Green Egg is a bit of an oddity in their line of cookers because it is so short. The lower vent is rather small, and there is less room for charcoal under the grid. So recently, we published a review of the Kick Ash Basket and Kick Ash Can accessories for the Big Green Egg MiniMax cooker since they can make cleaning ash out of the MiniMax much easier. Now, we'd like to follow through with a review of another useful accessory for the MiniMax, the Woo Ring from Ceramic Grill Store. This allows you raise the grid and make more room for charcoal. Alternatively, you can raise the grid in order to increase the distance between the food and the charcoal. We will also be showing you two other accessories which can be used with the Woo Ring, the 10" ceramic pizza stone/heat deflector, and the 10" stainless steel drip pan.

Photos Of The Woo Ring, Heat Deflector and Drip Pan

Here are photos of all three items:

This animation shows you how the three items work together:

And this animation shows how it all works in the Big Green Egg MiniMax cooker:

Features and Specifications

Woo Ring: The MiniMax Woo Ring sits on top of the fire ring. This places the Woo Ring's top ring approximately an inch above the felt line, and 2½ inches above the fire ring. This allows you to either place more charcoal in the cooker or get the cooking grid further from the charcoal. A 10-inch pizza stone can be placed on the lower level for indirect cooking. You can easily lift the entire indirect set-up out of the cooker for access to the charcoal. No need to disassemble the set-up, like you do with a plate setter. If you place a second 10 or 12-inch pizza stone on the cooking grid you have a great setup for doing pizza.

The Woo Ring comes in two versions, with and without handles. Obviously, the version we are featuring here is the one without the handles. The handles aren't really necessary because you can simply pick the Woo Ring up by grabbing the upper ring. Also the handles get in the way of placing a grid on the top ring. However, we have provided an image of the Woo Ring with handles to the right in case you are interested.

Pizza Stone: You can purchase one or two 10-inch round ceramic stones to use both for pizza and as a heat deflector. A stone sitting on the Woo Ring's lower level acts as a heat deflector. A stone sitting on the cooking grid serves as a pizza stone for individual sized pizzas.

If you are unfamiliar with cordierite, it is a mineral known for its ability to handle extreme temperatures well. Itís the same material they use to make kiln shelves, and itís thermal shock resistant. This means you can take a cordierite stone from a low temperature to a very high temperature without the risk of breaking it. These pizza stones are very durable.

Drip Pan: The 10-inch drip pan can be used to catch drippings for making gravy or just to keep your heat deflector clean. Not having to burn off the drippings makes it easier for the next cook.

The drip pan is made from stainless steel with tapered sides and a rolled edge. It will heat tarnish. You can cover the drip pan with foil for easy clean up. (It is recommended that you use a ceramic stone under the pan for added protection and thermal mass.)


The MiniMax cooker from Big Green Egg is a great little portable kamado-style charcoal cooker, but it's short stature means less room for charcoal and less distance between charcoal and food. The Woo Ring solves that problem by providing a stable structure for raising the grid. The addition of a heat deflector creates a configuration for indirect cooking which is easier to deal with than the traditional plate setter/grid combination. Our personal preference is to have a little more room between the fire and the grid, so this Woo Ring will now be a permanent inhabitant of our MiniMax. And should we decide to do some indirect cooking on the MiniMax, all we'll need to do is insert the heat deflector and drip pan. We highly recommend this product.


The Woo Ring, Pizza Stone and Drip Pan for the Big Green Egg MiniMax cooker are all available at the Ceramic Grill Store website. They also have these items and many more for all sorts of cooker sizes and brands like Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo, Vision and LG/Pit Boss.

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