The All New MeatStick
Meat Thermometer

MeatStick has come out with what they are calling the "All New MeatStick Probe." What's new is the probe itself and the charger that comes with it. The MeatStick Xtender (Bluetooth repeater) and the MeatStick WiFi Bridge remain the same. We thought we'd take a quick look at what's new and compare the All New MeatStick to the Original MeatStick.

Comparing the Original to the All New
As you can see in the two photos below there are a few changes in appearance. The new charger now has a button that is used to turn the probe on. In the photo on the right you can see the new probe is slightly thinner and shorter than the old probe. Also, the new probe now has the location of the temperature sensor marked on the shaft of the probe.

The All New MeatStick Charger
Let's take a closer look at the All New MeatStick Charger. There are a number of changes to note. Located on the front of the charger is a new button. This button turns the probe on. Next to it is an LED that indicates the status of the AAA batteries in the charger. Green is OK, red is batteries are low.

Also on the front of the charger, like in the old charger, are the two electrodes which connect to the probe for charging.

On the back of the charger, we can see two new rubber feet which helps keep the charger from sliding around. But if you pop off the back plate of the new charger, there you will find the big surprise: room for 2 AAA batteries! Gone is the micro-USB port and now you can charge a probe anywhere without having to find a USB port to plug into.

Summary of Changes
Here is a table that summarizes the differences between to original MeatStick probe and charger, and the All New MeatStick probe and charger:

Original All New
Length 105 mm / 4.1 inches 93.7 mm / 3.7 inches
Girth 6.5 mm / 0.24 inches 6.0 mm / 0.26 inches
Compatible Charger 2018 (Micro-USB) 2020 (AAA batteries)
Water Tolerance Water resistant Waterproof (deep fry, sous vide and dishwasher safe)
Charger Power Micro-USB cable 2 AAA batteries
Power Button? No, always active Yes, press to turn probe on

Notes On Using The All New MeatStick Probe and Charger

The price of the All New MeatStick with charger has risen $5.00 to $69.99. The price of the All New MeatStick Xtender set (a MeatStick probe, a charger plus a Bluetooth repeater) has also gone up by $5.00 to $89.99. Surprisingly, the price of the All New MeatStick WiFi Bridge set (2 MeatStick probes, a charger, a WiFi bridge unit and a case) has remained $179.99.

All the MEATER and MeatStick products are available on Amazon or from the manufacturers' web sites. If you use the following Amazon links, you pay the same price and we get a small percentage of the sale price which is used to help support this web site:

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