Cozy Crafted Salt and Pepper Mills

Update: Cozy no longer makes these wonderful works of art, but we thought we'd leave the page up so you can still appreciate his workmanship.
We've had a link to CozyCrafted products on our website for some time now, but we recently came into possesion of one of their pepper mills and thought a few more words might be warranted once we had a chance to actually use it. We obviously are no experts on pepper grinders, but we have owned a few in our time, and we've never been happy with any of them. The main problem is that we haven't been willing to spend the money to get a quality grinder. But we think we have finally found a pepper grinder to make us happy.

Cozy Cline is the maker of these grinders and he is a former U2 pilot with a passion for woodworking and the knowledge and skill to produce quality items. These grinders are made from hundreds of precision-cut pieces of wood. (Our grinder is a small model, and it contains 144 pieces of wood, and a like number of pieces of veneer to produce the black highlight between pieces! The grinder in the photo above is our actual grinder. The closeup to the right shows the detail involved in making these grinders. The pieces of cocobolo are separated by pieces of black veneer.) Cozy has invested in the tools necessary to produce this level of quality and the results are stunning. We would encourage you to visit Cozy's website at and take a look at some of the information he has about making these beautiful grinders.

As for the grinding mechanism, Cozy uses a quality CrushGrind® mechanism. It uses a ceramic grinder which will not affect the flavor of the spice like metal grinders can. The ceramic mechanism is tough and washable. Here are a couple of photos of the mechanism from our grinder:

This is the center rotating element from the CrushGrind mechanism.

And this is the fixed portiong of the mechanism.

You can read more about this mechanism at, but how well does it work in practice?

The pepper mill is hefty and is small enough to allow a firm grip on both the grinder and the moving top, but it is also large enough to provide the torque necessary to easily turn the top and grind the pepper. The grinding is smooth, easy and produces a uniform grind. It is simply heaven to use.

In addition to making grinders from natural woods (ours is made from cocobolo, a hard, dense and intensely colored tropical wood), Cozy also makes grinders from Rutland Colorwood™ and Dymondwood™. These products come in a variety of bright colors, so the possibities for designs are endless. You can find more information about Colorwood™ and Dymondwood at™ the Rutland Plywood website:

So once again we encourage you to visit Cozy's website and take a look at these grinders (which, by the way, are also ideally suited for grinding spices). Check out the possibilities for the various color combinations possible and then make the investment in a quality grinder that will last you a lifetime.       Home       Search Our Site       Email The Whiz       Listen To Whizcast       Whizlog       Buy Whiz Gear       Privacy Policy       Kamado Grille
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