The Naked Whiz's Pork Loin Number 1
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This is our variation on the technique we learned on the Big Green Egg recipe page with Mr. Toad's Pork Loin. We made a few substitutions...


  • 1 Pork Loin, 2-3 pounds
  • 1 pound bacon
  • Cashew nuts
  • Dried apple slices
  • Bronco Bob's Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
  • String


Depending on how large your pork loin is, you may wish to cut it into 3 layers. This was a loin that was about 2 pounds, and we just made one cut.
Spread a generous layer of the raspberry chipotle sauce over the bottom layer, and then start adding the dried apple slices.
Once you have a layer of apple, spread a generous layer of cashew nuts over the apples. Follow with another layer of apples. And another layer of sauce.
Flip the top over to make the sandwhich.
On a second cutting board, lay out 5-7 strings, depending on the size of your loin. Spread strips of bacon over the string, and then spread a layer of sauce over the bacon.
Place the sandwiched loin onto the bacon.
Spread sauce over the top of the loin. Notice I also added two more strips of bacon and added some sauce to the strip that is on the back side which wasn't cut all the way through.
Cover the top of the loin with strips of bacon.
Pull the strings up and over so as to pull the bacon up the sides of the loin and completely surround the loin.
Tie the strings to secure the package! I also added a string around the width of the loin to help hold the flaps of bacon on the ends tight against the loin.
Cook on a v-rack, over a drip pan, at 350 degrees until the thermometer shows an internal temperature of 140 degrees/
When plating this elegant dish, make sure the green beans hang over the edge of the plate!       Home       Search Our Site       Email The Whiz       Listen To Whizcast       Whizlog       Buy Whiz Gear       Privacy Policy       Kamado Grille
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