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9. I buy this when I can find it, I find it easy to light and it burns clean. (12/09/19) (

8. Hey we bought it at Scott's in Mattawa Ont.last year hope that they are going to some this year just love the favour of the lump sugar maple charcoal in Mattawa Ont. (05/15/18) (

7. Love this charcoal; lights easy and burns hot. Would give it a perfect score if there were more larger lumps.. Too many small chunks but still the best all around that Iíve used (05/13/18) (

6. This is a very good quality of lump charcoal. I loved the smell and the taste of our ribs and chicken was exceptional. The quality of Basques is the same as the Big Green Egg, howevee, the price of Basques is 1/2 of what I paid for BGE. Same quality/half the price....that works for me! (08/13/17) (

5. This is my go-to charcoal simply due to the great sweet flavor it imparts anything you cook on it. Burns clean with little smoke in my Primo. (03/10/17) (

4. Even left outside in the snow, the charcoal burns hot. My steaks are perfect everytime. The best charcoal to KickSteak directly in the hot amber. The low ash content leaves your steak crisp and clean. A big WAW by the croud of guest everytime. (10/28/16) (

3. I was hoping this brand would be my go to lump charcoal. It is not. There was a lot of dust and sparking. The flavor was acidic and strong. It did burn hot and was difficult to start. It took more than 4 sheets of newspaper to start. The bag was stored indoors and was dry. Maybe I got a bad mix. (10/26/16) (

2. I'm from Atlanta and know a lot of veteran BGE owners who use this lump (bought at Ace Hardware). True, there seems to be more smaller pieces than comparable premium lump like Wicked Good (seems like most Maple wood is) but it definitely has a very pleasant smell and is easy to light + burns hot. However, I'm a relatively new user and need more cooks to make sure meat flavor is as good as the smoke flavor. Stay tuned. (03/05/16) (

1. Very mild smoke. Burns hot with little ash. Wish they could get rid of all the little pieces. (09/19/15) (

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