Planked Smoked Salmon With A Twist
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A very simple recipe for grilling delicious salmon filets using Maine Cooking Woods White Cedar Oval Planks. You can find these rather unique planks at their website at A couple of words about these planks. Since these planks are cut across the grain, they soak in water much more readily than do traditional cedar planks. You may wish to soak them for only 5-10 minutes rather than the hour or more that is recommended for traditional planks. We find these planks to have a better smell than traditional cedar, which has the smell of pencil shavings. These white cedar planks have a much more pleasant smell. While we were told that these planks will impart more flavor to the food since the food is resting on end grain, we actually found no difference in flavor between pieces of salmon cooked on traditional planks versus these planks. However, we find these planks visually more appealing than the traditional planks, and are sized such that if you are adventurous, you might serve the fish right on these planks! What we did find out is that regardless of which type of plank you use, the fish turns out more moist and tender than when we cook it on a foil covered pan.

Finally, this recipe is more about technique than it is about ingredients. You can prepare your fish as you see fit. Personally, we like to dip the salmon in milk and then panko bread crumbs. We then sprinkle Dizzy Pig Ragin' River Rub over the fish. Finally, about halfway through the cook, we drizzle a mixture of half melted butter, half maple syrup over the fish. But you do what you like....


  • 2 pieces of salmon (We buy the large filets at Sam's and cut them into pieces about 1.5" wide)
  • Maine Cooking Woods oval white cedar planks

Preparation Directions:

Soak the planks in water for about 5 to 10 minutes. These planks are cut across the grain and will soak up water a lot faster than traditional cedar planks.

Cooking Directions:

Stabilize your egg at 375 to 400 degrees. Place the cedar oval planks on a raised grid. Close the cooker up and let the planks heat up for about 5 to 10 minutes until you see a little bit of smoke coming from the planks.

Once the planks are ready, lay your prepared fish on the planks, one piece per plank.

Cook for approximately 30 minutes or until the fish is done to your liking. Enjoy!       Home       Search Our Site       Email The Whiz       Listen To Whizcast       Whizlog       Buy Whiz Gear       Privacy Policy       Kamado Grille
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