Mad Max's Prime Rib
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The Meat

Max obtained this nice bit 'o beef from Union Meats in Washington D.C.:

madmaxturkeyphotos/mmprimage1.jpg "I noticed some nice looking rib roasts, some which are obviously choice and some of which are obviously prime, and for laughs I asked the the butcher how much for prime (I'm expecting to hear $24.00 plus given how it looked). "Bone in prime, I've got a special. $12.99 a pound" he says. Well, after I picked myself up off the floor, I had him wrap me up a nice 2 bone in prime rib roast to take home. When I got it home and unwrapped it, I realized the nice job the butcher had done. He had cut off the fat cap in a nice even slice, and then tied it back on to the roast. Here is a picture of the roast after I untied it and laid open the fat."

The Preparation

madmaxturkeyphotos/mmprimage2.jpg "I then proceeded to lay on some sprigs of fresh rosemary from my herb garden, and salt and pepper."

madmaxturkeyphotos/mmprimage3.jpg "Then I rolled the fat back on, tied it with butcher spring, rubbed it good with more kosher salt and herbs de provence."

The Cooker Setup

madmaxturkeyphotos/mmprimage4.jpg "I set up the egg at 500 degrees, grid over inverted plate setter, with some jack daniels chips. As soon as I put the roast in the 500 degree egg, I shut the vents down to get to 325 degrees (the time spent going from 500 to 325 gives a nice sear to the roast). I roasted it at 325 till it was 125 internal."

The Results

madmaxturkeyphotos/mmprimage5.jpg "As I said, I pulled it at 125 internal, let it rest under aluminum foil tent for about 15 minutes."

madmaxturkeyphotos/mmprimage6.jpg "Here it is, strings cut, fat cap removed, and bones removed, with first slice carved. It came out perfect."

madmaxturkeyphotos/mmprimage7.jpg "And on the dinner plate. Served with baby red potatoes, coated with olive oil, kosher salt, and lots of fresh rosemary, roasted at 425 degrees for about 45 minutes. Fresh string beans (also from eastern market) blanched for about 5 minutes, then sauted with some sliced up bacon and lightly salted. Unbelievable meal. "

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