Dead Simple London Broil
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A very simple recipe for roasting a big honkin' London Broil when you find them on sale at the local shop. I have also used this same technique for doing bottom round roast.


Preparation Directions:

Apply liberal amounts of the rub on the London Broil. Coat all sides. Rub it into the meat and then roll the meat around in the rub even more. You can either wrap it in cellophane and let it sit over night in the refrigerator, or take it to the cooker right away. I try to leave the rub on the meat for 4 hours or so before cooking.

Cooking Directions:

I have changed my technique on this type of meat in order to make it simpler. I find that searing is unnecessary. Simply get the cooker up to 350 degrees. Throw some hickory chunks on the fire. I cook the meat direct on a raised grid. Use a thermometer to cook the meat to the desired degree of doneness. For example, 130 degrees internal should yield a nice medium rare cook. When the alarm goes off, remove the meat to the kitchen, cover with foil, and let rest 10 minutes before carving. Slice as you desire.

I have been asked how long it takes to cook the meat. My most recent cook was a 4-pound bottom round roast. The cooker was at 300-330 degrees and the meat reached 130 internal after 1 hour 20 minutes. London Broil tends to be a bit flatter than a bottom round, so it might cook a little faster.

Special Instructions:

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