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Welcome to Cold Smoking Central at The Naked Whiz! Ok, we'll admit we don't do all that much cold smoking here at the Naked Whiz Publishing Empire, but we have played around with it a bit and thought we'd bring together all the articles that we have brought you over the years about cold or lower temperature smoking into one place.

Build Your Own Smoke Generator — Yes, you can build your own cold smoke generator at home using a paint can, dryer vent tubing, an elbow and some miscellaneous hardware. You place your smoking materials in the paint can, run the dryer vent into your cooker's lower vent and then watch the smoke fill your cooker.

Get all the details and instructions in our article, "Build A Cold Smoke Generator".

Cold Smoking Cheese — Cold smoking cheese doesn't have to mean buying fancy smoke generating or temperature control gadgets. In this case, we keep the temperature down by building about the smallest fire imaginable. Just a few briquettes in a small foil pan along with some smoking chunks sliced into thin wafers, and possibly a tray of ice is all you need.

Get all the details and instructions in our article, "Cold Smoking Cheese".

The A-Maze-N Smoking Tube and Maze — Here we take a look at two smoke generating products from A-Maze-N, a smoking tube and a smoking maze. Plus we report on how they perform in several sizes of kamado-style cookers, all the way from a BGE MiniMax up to a Kamado Joe Big Joe.

Read the full review in our article, "A-Maze-N Smoker Tube and Maze".

Cold Smoking Beef Jerky — Okay, we here you. 155°F is not actually cold smoking. However, it is colder than smoking barbecue so we thought we would include it here. See the whole process from start to finish.

Get all the details and instructions in our article, "Cold Smoking Beef Jerky On The Big Green Egg".

Russell's Smoked Salmon — Yes, this is another case of hot smoking (this time at 180°F), but again we thought we would include it since it involves very low temperature in a ceramic cooker. This time, it's smoked salmon. Read about the entire 4-day process, from brining the salmon to eating the salmon.

Get all the details and instructions in our article, "Russell's Smoked Salmon Tutorial".

Olde Barbeque Smoke Cones — Sadly, it looks as if Olde Smoke Cones are no longer being sold. We found some on eBay, but that's about it. A real shame since these were the easiest way to cold smoke we have come across. Who knows, maybe some company will pick up the slack and produce a product like this. Until then, we just have to read it and weep.

Get all the details and instructions in our article, "Cold Smoking The East Way".

Coming Soon: Soldering Iron Smoking — You can use any heat source to make your sawdust, chips or pellets smoke. It seems soldering irons are a cheap and easy method of generating a relatively precise amount of heat. We try different wattages, smoke some cheese and report on what worked best for us!

Get all the details and instructions in our article, "Soldering Iron Smoking".       Home       Search Our Site       Email The Whiz       Listen To Whizcast       Whizlog       Buy Whiz Gear       Privacy Policy      
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