How to Hard Cook an Egg

If you want to make Kedgeree, you will have to be able to prepare hard cooked eggs that:

Are cooked the proper degree, and
Can be peeled with ease without destroying the fragile hard cooked egg.
You can use Chef Doug's never fail, always works, 100% guaranteed, sure fire technique for hard cooking eggs:

Recipe For Hard Cooked Eggs

Raw eggs, straight from the refrigerator
Cold water, straight from the faucet

Fill saucepan with enough cold water straight from the faucet to cover the number of eggs you will be cooking. Place eggs in water, straight from the refrigerator. Heat saucepan on high heat until water boils. Reduce heat to low. Place lid on saucepan. Cook 14 minutes. Immediately remove saucepan from heat. Remove lid. Dump out the hot water and place saucepan under cold running water to cool eggs. As soon as eggs feel cool enough to handle, you may peel them.

I am sure that there are other sure-fire methods of hard cooking eggs, so I won't claim that this is the only one, but by God, you can sure make some good hard cooked eggs this way. Now go make some kedgeree!

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