Table Plans For A Big Green Egg

Dimensions (by Egg size)
  Sm Med Lge
A 16" 18" 21"
B 12" 15" 17"
Note 1:
Use deck screws and glue for a stronger table.
Note 2:
Round all edges of the top (including the hole for the BGE) for a finished look. This can be done manually or with a router.
Note 3:
As a precautionary measure, it is recommended that you place a concrete stepping stone between the Egg and the lower shelf it rests on. Although not necessary, you may want to adjust dimension B to allow for this.
Note 4:
The measurements given are approximate and can be changed as desired. If you plan to use a vinyl cover, they measure 58x27x44 and 41x27x44.
Note 5:
Please raise the B dimension (shelf height) by 2" if the BGE has a Spring Assisted Band.