Books About Joe Jackson

Non-fiction Books About Joe Jackson

Shoeless Joe and Ragtime Baseball, Harvey Frommer, 1992, Taylor Publishing Company, ISBN 0-87833-784-9

Eight Men Out: The Black Sox and the 1919 World Series, Eliot Asinof, 1963, Henry Holt and Company, ISBN 0-8050-0346-0

Say It Ain't So, Joe! -- The True Story Of Shoeless Joe Jackson, Donald Gropman, Originally published 1972, Revised, Updated with New Information 1992, Carol Publishing Group, A Citadel Press Book, ISBN 0-8065-1336-5

The Great Baseball Mystery -- The 1919 World Series, Victor Luhrs, New York, 1966

Baseball, Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns, Alfred A. Knopf

Shoeless Joe Jackson, Jack Kavanaugh, 1995, Chelsea House Publishers. ISBN:079102170X

Judge Landis and Twenty Five Years of Baseball, J. G. Taylor Spink, New York, 1947 Alfred A. Knopf

Fiction Books Related To Joe Jackson

Damn Yankees, George Abbott & Douglass Wallop, W W Norton & Co, ISBN:0393312666

Shoeless Joe, W.P. Kinsella, New York, Ballantine Books, 1982, ISBN:0345342569

Field of Dreams,

The Natural, Malamud Bernard, Avon Books, ISBN:0380506092

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