El Brie Horneado del Sr. Beli
(Maple Planked Baked Brie by Sr. Beli)

Beli Davila is a regular poster at the Big Green Egg forum who lives in Monterrey, Mexico and frequently posts delightful and tasty looking dishes. One such dish is his baked brie which he has kindly provided the recipe for. Rather than encasing the brie in pastry, a selection of flavors are added on top of the brie and then the brie is baked long enough to make it soft and creamy.


You can certainly go wild trying different combinations of ingredients (see the Notes section below). Here is what we used for this version:

Assembling the Ingredients

You may wish to get your cooker and maple plank ready at this point so you are ready to go once you have assembled your ingredients. The cooker should be preheated to 400°F with a raised grid. You don't need any sort of heat barrier; that's what the maple plank is for. (If you think you would like some smoke from the maple wood, then don't soak the plank.)

The brie comes wrapped in plastic, which you will of course, remove. If you are unfamiliar with brie, it is encased in a rind of white mold, which you can eat. For our purposes, we will remove most of the rind from the top of the brie in order to make a slight depression that will help the ingredients stay in place on top of the brie. However, don't remove the rind from the sides and bottom of the brie! If you do, the whole thing will melt into a blob of goo.

Now just add the ingredients one by one:

Baking Instructions

We baked our brie at 400°F for 15 minutes. You are looking to warm the cheese and make it nice and soft and gooey so that the brie oozes out once you cut into the rind. As you can see in the photo below, the cheese has started to bubble out of the rind. This is a good sign to look for.

Serve immediately with crackers or apple slices.


  1. Amaranth seed with honey? Frankly, we have no clue as to where you can purchase this item in the United States. We obtained ours from Beli who bought it at an H.E.B. grocery in Mexico. You might like to try substituting some toasted sesame seeds with a touch of honey. Or, you could omit them. There are lots of flavors here. If you do go looking, in Spanish, it will be labeled "Amaranto con miel".

  2. Another flavor combination we tried and liked was substituting basil for the tarragon.

  3. Yet another flavor combination recommended by Beli is strawberry chipotle sauce, almonds, blueberries, amaranth and tarragon. As you can see, you can let your imagination run wild.

  4. Another flavor that Beli sometimes adds (but we did not) is a splash of red wine.

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