Monday, April 12, 2010

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Major Chane of Some Sort Coming

Blogger has decided to urinate on their users and are removing a very basic function. This will prevent us from continuing to use Blogger as our Whizlog service. We would no longer be able to have a Whizlog that looks like a Whizlog and that we are not prepared to do. So we shall be investigating other options and will let you know on our website what will happen to Whizlog. Sorry, but you know how it is when a service gets gobbled up, digested and then expelled by Google. Blogger is sorry, so we are sorry. Uh, huh.....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh dear, it's been a while again.....

We really don't keep up with this blogging stuff very well, do we? We suppose it is to do with the fact that we spend so much time keeping the web site up to date with new features. Oh well, if you haven't been watching, we added a number of lovely little gorgeous little things to the website.

1) The Event Calendar and 'Fest Map. A list of events that are related to ceramic cookers, and an online interactive map showing the location of all the ceramic 'Fests that we come across. Interesting how every last one of them is an Eggfest. The map really drives home how wide-spread this phenomenon has become.

2) We've added two cold smoking articles, one using "SmokeCones" and the other showing how to build a cold smoke generator using a paint can, dryer hose, elbow and pipe clamp. There's more to come, but we'll get there when we get there.

3) Now's the time to start following The Naked Whiz on Twitter. We'll be doing a live Twitaganza from the first ever Carolina Eggfest on May 8. You won't want to miss a single exciting post, lol!

4) How here's something to excite you. We finally scrapped using scraps of paper to make lists of things to do for the website and started using the "Tasks" function of Outlook to track and prioritize all these damn projects. We've got a number of charcoals to review, recipes to document, tests to perform, and on and on. Now we have no excuse for forgetting!

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